fall(ing) in love with greenville, s.c.

This Orlando woman didn’t quite know how to handle all the red and yellow. I stood smitten by fall in South Carolina.

More photos.

Sure there were some barren trees and brown leaves that have seen better days. I didn’t care. This was an early Christmas gift from God.

My dear friend Colleen and I shuffled in the leaves in South Carolina this weekend. What a great getaway. We were on the hunt for housing options for her beginning in February.

It was amazing what we squeezed into about 36 hours in the land of orange paw prints: time with her parents in Anderson, sleep requiring socked feet, slow breakfast with bacon (chipmunks in the background), miles clocked on Colleen’s Accord as we scooted around Greenville, lunch outside on main street, enjoying Falls Park, voice mails left to real estate agents who were not working and watching the Clemson game, dinner at Fatz cafe (who names places like this? was there no intervention?) with Colleen’s parents, laughs over old photos of Colleen we found, church in Anderson at NewSpring with my friend, Kole, lunch outside (see a theme?) back in Greenville (who would have thought shrimp and cheese grits would taste so delicious together?), and eight hours and many miles back home.

Thanks for a very memorable road trip (and soundtrack), Colleen!


4 Responses to fall(ing) in love with greenville, s.c.

  1. Colleen says:

    Ang, this trip wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without you in it! Thanks for making memories with me 🙂

  2. rob says:

    Love the pics of my hometown! Downtown Greenville is one of my favorite spots.

    And the tiger paws everywhere is awesome! Go Tigers!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Four and a half years ago I moved from Orlando to Greenville and I LOVE IT HERE! Not only do I enjoy the change of seasons but the people here are great. I meet people all the time who know someone else I know. The connections are amazing.

    Next time you’re here try the Ham & Cheese Grinder at Bellacinos downtown!

  4. Patricia says:

    Shrimp and grits are awesome!

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