weekend in naples

So as fun as it would have been to go to Naples, Italy, my weekend consisted of a fabulous roadtrip with girlfriend, Jodi, to Naples, Florida.

Twice a year, Jazzercise instructors from around Florida gather for a day of meetings. Here are five instructor friends from Orlando. Daryl, on the left, was my instructor when I was first a student.

Oh, on the way, Jodi and I stopped at a scary gas station for the restroom. Besides witnessing a mom who wouldn’t win any kind of parent award and a Subway counter (inside the gas station) that might well have motived me to never put my mouth around anything they offer….we saw this sign on the bathroom door:

Please don’t lean against the sink, because its loose. It might come off the wall and hurt someone.
Pam Weeks

Why am I surprised they spelled “it’s” wrong? And who is Pam Weeks? If I had a sink falling off the wall in my bathroom, I’d try to remain as anonymous as possible.


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