october’s newsletter: the beginning of something

A jack-and-the-beanstalk-type tomato plant sits on our back porch. It’s humongous.

But it didn’t start out big. My roommate, Jodi, tucked the tiny plant into the soil like a child at bedtime. Now she tends it. She secures it to stakes as it stretches in the Florida sun. She faithfully waters it. (I have a black thumb so I’m grateful for her cultivation skills.)

The cherry tomatoes are just about red. It’s been a long wait. But the fruit will be sweet.

I felt that same anxious-farmer feeling after being in Budapest, Hungary

The conference rallied together men and women who serve in a large-scope role in either HR, technology, finance or communications.

And there were six of us communicators. Six people representing four countries. And we have 25,000 missionaries around the world. Granted, a few people were missing, but we were—nonetheless—diminutive.

So we’re starting small, trusting that God will grow our group. Not for the purpose of simply being greater in number. Rather, because God is at work around the world and we want to communicate some of those stories to our missionaries and to the larger body of believers through various media. It’s exciting. And painfully slow.

This is when I remember that God is the Gardener. It’s His job to grow things. Yet He allows me—us—to be a part of it all. And people coming to know Jesus…what sweet fruit that is!

Read more about my trip to Hungary.


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