I’m enjoying the book of John these days – the good news is really good. Today I was in John 11 and imagining myself clad in dusty sandals alongside Mary and Martha. Two sisters distraught over the fact that their brother, Lazarus, was dead. Two of the a-has I had:

  • It’s all about Jesus. Think about the lines you’d have to learn if you played Lazarus in a church play. (Has that ever been done? LOL) You would have…um…no words. Lazarus didn’t do anything. Especially once he was dead. 🙂 His life is documented here in Scripture because of what Jesus did in his life.
  • Jesus receives more glory when there’s no plan B. Lazarus was dead….4-days-worth dead. Had Jesus come and healed him while he was sick…or 5 minutes after he died, I don’t know that people would have responded the same way. It makes me think…what challenge am I facing where God doesn’t seem to be showing up the way I’d hoped? Perhaps He’s waiting so that all my Plan B’s will be in the ditch and He’ll show up and raise something from the dead and I’ll say, “You are worthy of my praise, my Jesus!”

2 Responses to lazarus

  1. Angie Weimer says:

    Preach it sista, it’s all about God’s timing!

  2. Lindsay says:


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