navel gazing

I got that phrase from my friend, Rob. Two things:

  1. Coke tastes different at room temperature. A huddled group of Coke plastic bottles sits under my desk. They are an army of of ready sugar, ready to battle a low blood sugar at work or during Jazzercise class. I’m just coming up from a low that was fought off by 12 ounces of what I consider close-to-Heaven drink. I must declare, though, I was saddened. I didn’t have opportunity to refrigerate/freeze/ice it…and it wasn’t Atlanta’s best.
  2. Where has Pizza Hut been? Just saw an ad for a survey that could win you a gift certificate for Pizza Hut. I thought, huh. The last time I really got excited about Pizza Hut was in 1992 when I’d go there for a personal supreme pizza with a friend during lunch in high school. (Who’s bright idea was open-campus lunch, anyway? A million sweaty-hands-on-the-new-license mere children behind the wheel? And 20 minutes to get there and back. Only Huskers are so crazy.)

What are your thoughts on Pizza Hut and Coke? (Oh, now I’m hungry and time for lunch.)


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