andrew peterson

I have another favorite blog I’m keeping up with: Andrew Peterson. His Christmas CD, Behold The Lamb Of God, put new glasses on my view of Jesus’ birth. My friend, Erik, sent me the link and said, “This just can’t be a first draft.” Spoken like a true editor. But I don’t know…Andrew has a gift. Here’s a taste of what he wrote yesterday that made me love Jesus just a little bit more:

“I believe God’s love for each of us is wild and passionate, but it is also unique. He loves me, specifically, and has made my soul, my person, as unique as my face or my fingerprint. There are nuances to the way you see Him and encounter Him that I will never see on my own, and the same is true for me. He has reserved, according to George MacDonald, a secret chamber of His heart that is for you and you alone. These children tearing around this house are as much a part of His great Story as I am, and the day will come, and probably soon, when I will no longer be telling them about the God I serve, but asking them about Him. Their own collision with His love will leave them wounded in ways that will make them more whole and holy than I will ever understand.”


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