mellow yellow fans unite!

Some say that a smell can take you back to a moment in time. Well, seeing the sunburst-colored Mellow Yellow can always brings me back to ages 7-13 at Kart & Putt Country, my family’s business in the farmlands of Waverly, Nebraska. My brother, Chad, and I would be allowed to split a can of pop (I’ve since adapted to calling it soda here in the Sunny state). I loved Mellow Yellow and the sound it made rolling down the pop machine, covered with condensation.

Tonight, I had a flashback to the taste of 1983.

I was on my way to the car at Florida South Hospital after visiting my dear friend, Kourtney, and little 4-week-old David (back in the hospital – trying to figure out his respiratory stuff) and felt like my blood sugar was low. I tested and it was confirmed. I headed to the cafeteria and was surprised to see Mello Yello as a choice. Since sugary drinks only hit my tongue when I’m “low” I thought, perfect. Nothing like it!

Any other Mellow Yellow fans out there?


One Response to mellow yellow fans unite!

  1. Chad says:

    I remember Mom sure liked Mellow Yellow.

    I also remember the Mellow Yellow water slide at Molby-Dick before it closed in Omaha.

    A bit of history:

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