answers to prayer: Hungary trip

Well…we’re a start! Here are the six of us communicators who represent four different areas of the world: Western Europe, Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the U.S./global communications.

The trip went so well. Thanks for praying! Here’s a bit about how God answered:

  • Divine appointment with railroad-engineer, weight-lifter Coleman (can you picture him?) on the flight from Budapest to New York. He was in Budapest with his mother, an 80-year-old Hungarian-American who hadn’t been to Hungary since she was a girl. We had a great conversation about spiritual life as he was raised in a legalistic church and had rebelled seeing that there wasn’t life in the rules. The neat thing is that the row of seats we were in was vacant, so we both moved from other seats to that row! I love when God does that!
  • My energy level was really good. Those knots in my neck from sitting too long were another story, though.
  • The networking aspect was amazing. There were actually more like 100 of us there. A taste of heaven with the different languages and skin colors!
  • We brainstormed the beginnings of some exciting next steps to help grow and train more communicators in each area!

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