in the land of flowers and dogs that understand Hungarian

I’m just back from a walk during our lunch break. Today’s our first day of meetings and my legs needed a stretch and my lungs needed the fresh air. I walked around the neighborhood that the area of affair’s office is in. There are flowers everywhere, especially situated in window boxes on the sides of homes. Do you have to show proof of a green thumb to purchase a home? I don’t know if I’d pass. ūüôā

Judy and I landed at 9am yesterday. We caught the shuttle to Holiday Inn (good ‘ol American influence everywhere!) and caught our breath a little, unpacked, took a short nap. We’d planned to meet at 2 and grab caffeine and go walk to stay awake until evening. I called at 2 and asked if it’d be unthinkable for us to sleep until 3. She said no.¬†I gratefully crawled back under my single-sized duvet cover on my king-sized bed.

We met at 3,¬†and walked to McDonald’s, 5 minutes away,¬†for a meal. Not sure what it meal as it was 3pm, but time zone aside, our stomachs were growling. The McD’s had a cafe…offering pasteries and wireless. Where are we?

We ventured westward, toward the mountains/hills, enjoying quaint shops, signs in Hungarian¬†(we’d take turns pronoucing and guessing what they advertised), falling in love with the children passing by, speaking effortlessly in their mother-tongue. We teammed up, I’d cover “hello” (a.k.a. “Jo napot kivanok”¬†to people we passed by, Judy would say “thank you” (a.k.a. “Kosonom” with umlauts like in German). We¬†ended up strolling about 3 hours before we came home. I love being an¬†adventurer with someone else who doesn’t know where we’ll end up–and is ok with that!

So,¬†back to today…I enjoyed lunch with a Nigerian staff woman who handles HR and an Estonia staff woman who serves in the area of finance. What a taste of the world! We meet to begin some strategizing this afternoon; I’m looking forward to that. They’re ringing the bell. Time to start. I’ll write again soon…


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