september newsletter: you can take the girl off the campus…

…but you can’t take the campus ministry out of the girl’s heart. 

Ministry to college students is like riding a bike. You can be off the bike for awhile, but when you get back on, you remember how much fun it is. 

That’s a description of my summer.

lindsay-and-angie.jpg  Senior Lindsay (on the left) and sophomore Angie came to intern on our team at Campus Crusade’s headquarters for 10 weeks.

These women remind me of why I love working with college women.  They’re at a pivotal time in their lives, making major decisions about God, career, relationships. Who is investing in these lives? With their background in newspaper journalism, they were thrown into life on a Web team, writing for me on the Staff Web.

I loved their teachability and their willingness to delve into a totally new media type.  I loved hearing them process about their summer.

In addition to their internship, they were involved in summer mission trip activities in the evening. Their faith stretched through Bible study, learning how to tell others about Jesus and living with other students they’d only met.

It was exciting to see their view of God greatly swell as a result of learning more about what He’s doing around the world…not just on their campus. 

I enjoyed helping them grow as writers. But most of all I enjoyed doing life with them, being honest about the ups and downs of my walk with Jesus. That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.  Thankfully, one of the many areas God is growing me in is in the arena of authenticity.  

They made me the sweetest photo and note collage. My heart rejoiced when I read that I’d not just helped them learn Web-writing skills but also encouraged them to fix their eyes on Jesus. That’s the highest compliment. 

Both want to use their skills in communications for the Lord, in some way. Angie’s plan, right now, is to join the staff of Campus Crusade and come back to our team! 


2 Responses to september newsletter: you can take the girl off the campus…

  1. Hey Angie,
    I had no idea you blogged about Coworker Angie and I. It was really cool to read your Hungary post and then scroll down and see a picture of myself. Thanks for your prayers as well as your guidance and encouragement this summer. I was so honored to learn from you and the rest of the Web Team/WWC team. I will pray for your trip to Hungary and I hope to chat with you soon.
    Living in grace,

  2. […] So, I got a birthday card in the mail today. As I pulled it out of the envelope, I could sense it was about to convey a message I didn’t know if the sender planned. Thanks for the thought, Angie! The message encouraged by heart and the card worked my abs. […]

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