prayer requests

Lindsay & Angie

Please pray for these women (above) as they begin back at their schools. Lindsay will graduate from Wayne State (in Wayne, Neb.) in December. Angie goes to school in Ohio.

Going back to “regular” life after a summer high can be hard.

Pray for them to transition well, for faith to step out and talk with other students about Jesus, and for God’s best for a job of Lindsay after graduation.

A New Insulin Pump

An update: The insurance company couldn’t offer me a trade-in value on mine. I thought I had a lead to see it to one of two people locally without insurance (paying for a used one is a lot cheaper than a new one for them.) But they both fell through. Sad!

So, my need is still for the $1,000 to cover my portion.

Thanks for praying with me on both of these requests! 


One Response to prayer requests

  1. Kay says:

    I am having a breast cancer soon. Please pray all my tests will be normal. Thanks and God bless.
    In Christs Love,

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