zippers to withstand y2k

Yesterday I noticed my zipper’s inscription:


I’d seen it before on many other zippers, but hadn’t put it all together.

And I wonder…did a zipper company that now owns a large part of the zipper market begin marking these YKK around 1999? Does it stand for Y2K? Are the zippers made out of the same sturdy material as FBI saferooms? (No wonder these pants were so expensive!)

And what a bummer that would be if there was a WW3 and only my zipper made it through unscathed.

You’re looking at your zipper, aren’t you?


One Response to zippers to withstand y2k

  1. Lindsay says:

    No, I was not looking until you said something and then, yes, you’re right!!! Mine says YKK.

    Here’s what I found!! 🙂 :

    FAQs About YKK / About Zippers and Sliders

    About YKK

    Q1. What does “YKK” stand for?
    Q2. Other than zippers, what product does YKK produce today?
    Q3. YKK has a famous philosophy: what exactly is it?
    Q4. How large is YKK?
    Q5. Where can I find YKK products?

    Q1. What does “YKK” stand for?
    A1. YKK was founded in Japan as a zipper manufacturing company in 1934 by Tadao (pronounced in English as Tah-dah-o) Yoshida. In the early years, Mr. Yoshida’s company carried his name; it was called Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha–or “YKK” for short. (That long Japanese name translates roughly into English as “Yoshida Company Limited.”) Over the years, the letters “YKK” were stamped onto the zippers’ pull tabs, and thus YKK became known as the Company’s trademark.

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