july newsletter: back to school

Hanging off the trolley in San Francisco, enjoying a night off after 8 hours of sitting in classes. Thus, the face.


The movers and the shakers were in the room: eBay, Nike, T-Mobile and the United Nations. (Yes, the U.N.)

And Campus Crusade for Christ. (That is Jason, Erik and me from the Web team.)

It was an intensive three-day training for communications people working on the Internet. The classes focused on how to make our sites more user-friendly. I learned a lot. For instance, the importance of spending time face-to-face with our staff members, asking them what they like on the Staff Web (below) and what they don’t.

I was also encouraged. The conference sessions pointed out many things to implement that we’re already doing. Hurrah! We’re on the right track!

This week, Gabe (a coworker) and I hosted a focus group with a handful of new staff members who are going through our summer training. We received valuable input and ideas for continuing to make the Staff Web a place that helps inform, equip and inspire our staff family.

Two days ago I received an e-mail from a staff member thanking our team for making it easy for him to find the information he needs to do his job more effectively.

How encouraging!


One Response to july newsletter: back to school

  1. rob says:

    Cool! Hey, next time you do a focus group like that, I’d love to sit in on it!

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