rice-a-roni land (a.k.a. San Francisco)

We (boss Jason and coworker Erik and I) arrived into San Francisco about 11am, enjoyed the taxi ride to our hotel, driving along streets seeming to disappear vertically into the sky.

We headed for an afternoon of play before the conference begins tomorrow am. After trying to catch a trolley north to Fisherman’s Wharf, we heard it was out of service that direction, so hiked the 20+ blocks (I think?) there. Downhill. Friendly people along each turn, it seemed, helping us with directions or suggestions. I was really surprised.

We got a nice tan from the unseasonably hot weather here. Gorgeous blue skies. Spent our afternoon walking the wharf, popping in and out of shops like the Spy Shop, trinkety places, Ghiradelli’s, etc and had a great seafood dinner on Pier 39. (family, I thought of you so often today as I was reminded of our vacation here!)

We kept trying to find a trolley to bring us back up the huge hill home, but to no avail. What a workout hiking back up! Who needs Jazzercise when you live here?

We’re all registered and ready for tomorrow. I’ve signed up for the day session of “E-mail newsletter usability.” Should be very educational.I’m showered and ready for bed. Almost 1:45 am body time!

Oh, strange sighting today…a man who was organizing his collection of Band-Aids (an impressive lot of 15 or so) on the café table in front of him. No, they weren’t new. Hmmmm…the journalist in me wonders what HIS story is.


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