june newsletter: boldly asking

To read the raise request, click the image.

At eight, I was making change for $5 and $10 at our family’s summer business, Kart ‘n Putt Country. (As a first born, type A, I got in a few arguments with Mom over the fact that she wouldn’t let me make change for $20.)

I learned much as the daughter of a entrepreneur dad and supportive/hard-working mom. I discovered how to interact well with customers. I was trained on the finer points of tractor-driving, whether mowing or preparing the dirt track for a go-kart race. I learned to ask for raises.

Recently, Mom mailed me this note, scrawled in 9-year-old handwriting. I’m endeared to this little girl who was so bold with her father.

As a grown woman reading this appeal, something in me stirs with longing to boldly address my heavenly Father. Even as I pray for the following, I don’t always believe that God will say yes, like I believed Dad would say yes.

  • for a husband and children
  • for friends of mine—who seem so far away from God—to place their faith in Jesus
  • for various battles in my life to be over
  • for wisdom and creativity in how to best serve our missionaries with the Staff Web site; how do we choose what’s most beneficial?

I also see an essential difference in the requests, then and now. The 9-year-old made her request based upon works—how good she was. (I laugh out loud at the crazy confidence!) The 31-year-old makes her requests to God knowing that works is as dust on the go-kart track.

It’s by faith that I came to place my trust in Jesus. Not my abilities. Faith is the currency of the Christian life. I can’t plead that “I deserve this” or negotiate with God.

But I can boldly approach God and ask, knowing that He loves me and has good intentions for me. He loves for me to tell Him what I desire.

It’s amazing. He already knows it all, but wants to hear it from my lips. And from yours.

What’s your bold request?


One Response to june newsletter: boldly asking

  1. Jettie says:

    Your go-karts were a HUGE highlight of my family summer vacation one year. I think we still have pictures of us all. Fun memories and GREAT insights. “Not by works of righteousness that we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us…”

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