a homegoing

(photo of Gramp and me taken at Christmas a few years ago)

This is a tribute to a kind and very loved man. Here are a few of my special memories of him:

  • Enjoying many rounds of Backgammon over the years. He always had all the time in the world for me.
  • Sharing his treasured stamps and love of collecting them. It was always a treat to go into the basement with him. He'd push away the plastic cover for the overhead light and retrieve the (what seemed like) buried treasure (a.k.a. old stamps) stored in the secret compartment above the light.
  • Setting up a "grocery store" of sorts for us grandkids that we could shop at when we came to visit. The sundry goods were all real cans (bottoms taken off with a can opener), boxes of cereal, etc. It was a highlight of my visits as a little girl.
  • Cheering at the majority of all sporting events, choir concerts and really long, boring violin recitals throughout my childhood.
  • The awe I had for him because of his incredible intelligence. Without a college education, he built his first few cars with a high school buddy and wrote his own computer programs when personal computers became more common.
  • His easy-going personality that endeared everyone to him because you really sensed he enjoyed you and loved you as you were.

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