healthy for life

A few years ago it hit me: This is my life. And I’m living it right now.

I realized that if I wanted to be a healthy diabetic 10 years from now, it necessitated that I be a healthy diabetic today. So I started going to Jazzercise classes regularly the fall of 2003. Soon, I was surprised by how much my schedule and body had grown accustomed to an infusion of health three times a week.

Then, in the fall of 2004, I decided to become a certified Jazzercise instructor. I knew that, to teach, I’d have to take my health seriously. And I’d have to actually show up regularly to class…since I’m the instructor and all.

I’d like to say that being an instructor has erradicated all of my health issues. But that wouldn’t be true. I’m still on the journey of making good food choices and health choices.

The choice is before me: if I want to be healthy for life, it starts today. And it starts with what I choose regarding the small things (like the big slice of cake on a platter literally in front of me).

I think I’ll choose to go pack my bag for Jazzercise class tomorrow.


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