of diet coke and daily decisions

I’ve decided it’s easier for me to give God most everything else but my addiction to Diet Coke.

I don’t remember what brought about the thought, but it was a pretty big a-ha. If God moved in my heart to move, it’d be hard but I’d move. If He moved my heart to enter the marketplace and leave full-time Christian work, it’d be hard but I’d do it.

So why is the daily addiction of soda so hard? Hmmm…maybe it’s rooted in the very dailyness of the choice? The Christian life is a life dependent on Jesus–not just with big decisions like jobs and living locations, but the daily decisions…like eating and drinking.

(On a funny note, one of the office staff commented today–as I was leaving my dental appointment–how white my teeth were. I laughed and told her that was funny given my self-consciousness about my cola-induced smile.)


2 Responses to of diet coke and daily decisions

  1. […] I would like to ask for prayer. I am not sleeping well. It’s been like this for several months. While some need Diet Coke, I joke about my need for coffee. […]

  2. Chad says:

    Ahh – reminds me of my past addiction to Mountain Dew and all dew things related back in the day. Of course now, it doesn’t even sound good. My newest addiction is light hawiain fruit punch!

    We still have to love our Pop, Dad sure does have energy!

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