feelin’ it

It was the kind of Monday that makes you want to…well…I couldn’t figure out what. And, not surprising, too much sugar in the form of food items with no visible expiration date didn’t help. I debated not going to Jazzercise tonight. (This is exactly why I teach; I have to go. Tonight I didn’t have to teach.)

I felt gross. I felt tired from a long day. I felt like being a biblical sloth.

I must say I love my feelings. I’m a big fan. But my present-minded feelings seem often like a gigantic Yubba-Bubba bubble, eclipsing the sun of truth.

I decided to be a grown up and go, knowing I’d be glad I did. And, like other times, I was. Chocolate side cramp and all.

And it hit me that this is what life living by faith feels like. It chooses based on fact, not feeling. Just like God wants me to live by faith in every other area of life, He wants me to look to Him (and not myself) for strength.

It’s a lovely day when my feelings are in sync with truth. But on the days they aren’t…I’ll workout by faith.


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