Prayer requests and praise

Prayer Requests:

  1. For me to remember who God is (and stand in awe) and who I am (and be thankful) and tell others.
  2. For me to not rely on my own strength to work—it’s so easy to slip in that! Instead, I want to walk by faith in all I do.
  3. For our Wed. night Purpose-Driven Life Bible study with neighbors (7 weeks beginning tonight!)


Got the big OK from Campus Crusade people at headquarters and from Jazzercise to begin teaching classes for staff women (for FREE!) after work 2 days a week, beginning March 6th! I called Elizabeth, our district manager today. I thought it’d be a huge deal to ask her if it was even an option to offer free classes because Jazzercise (corporate) makes their money by receiving 20% from instructors’ sales. I was almost speechless (almost 🙂 when she replied, “You’re a franchise owner and you can do whatever you want. You can offer free classes.” It’s so clear to me that God continues to open doors and I keep walking through them.


One Response to Prayer requests and praise

  1. Wanda De La Cruz says:

    Go, Angie!! I am proud of you for staying the journey. I already know one person who told me she wants to go to your class. : ) Wish I could be there, too!

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