Prayer requests

  1. I’ve proposed the idea of a 4-week or 6-week trial of Jazzercise classes here at headquarters right after work–probably 2 days a week. Yesterday I learned that the people who make the decision about room usage have been shuffled around, so I should havean answer the week of the 13th. I’ve been excited about this idea for many months now as many staff members here work at desk jobs with little physical movement during the day. I’m a little torn as this desire to teach classes for coworkers is strong, yet I still want to be involved in the lives of women who have yet to meet Jesus in the Jazzercise classes that I usually go to and teach on the other side of town. Pray that God would make it clear, with the decision here at work, where I should invest my time and heart: if I should solely teach at work, if the opportunity opens, if I should solely teach where I’ve been teaching, or if I should try to split my time.
  2. My roommate, Jodi, and I are hosting a 7-week Purpose Driven Life discussion in our home beginning with a “meet and greet” evening on Wed, Feb. 15th. We handed out invites on Saturday. Pray that God would use circumstances in our neighbors’ lives to draw them to the study and to Himself, ultimately. Pray that nothing would hinder those from coming whose hearts are tender. Pray for Jodi and I as we take this faith step.

Thank you!


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