January Newsletter

Imagine a staff member working with college students at the University of Boulder-Colorado. She hasn’t heard about the various resources Campus Crusade offers to help staff members regarding ministry. She’s trying to figure out what it means to a missionary. She doesn’t know much about what God is doing outside of the U.S. And, as a result, she isn’t able to expose college women to a greater vision of who God is and how He wants to include them in His adventure.

That staff member was me. And that describes others in our global staff of 25,000 laborers as they see—in many ways—only the field in front of their eyes.

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve taken on a new role, helping provide a solution!

In November, I wrapped up my writer’s responsibilities with the Washington, D.C. article for Worldwide Challenge’s March/April issue. I then transitioned to my new role as Managing Editor for the Staff Web.
[Like all my jobs, God brought this job with the Staff Web out of left field. I have to laugh because it keeps me depending on God as the job propositions always seem to come just when I’ve began feeling like I was “figuring out” how to do my job well. Yet each job becomes a better and better fit for me!]

So, what does this mean? This means I use my abilities to plan content for the Web site. Making it easy to find things they need to do or find: reports, evangelism ideas, contact numbers, communication from our leaders, stories from around the globe, reminders of upcoming events and all the while exposing them to things they didn’t even know existed!

Campus Crusade’s Mission: Helping Build Spiritual Movements Everywhere…so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

My Office: Global Media and Communications (I get to stay on the same larger team as Worldwide Challenge is also part of this big-picture communications group!)

My NEW Role: Managing Editor for the Staff Web (planning content and helping determine direction)

Why It’s Important: Helping produce a vibrant online community for staff members where they can go to be informed, exchange ideas, get to know ministry leaders. “Thank you for making our Staff Web site more effective. I use it daily and depend greatly on it” (staff member in Moscow).

The heart behind all of that connecting, ultimately? That everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

I met Ali on the plane from Chicago to Lincoln for Christmas. Ali is a 19-year-old Saudi Arabian to-be freshman at UNL. We had a wonderful conversation during which I asked if I could tell him a few things about Nebraskans that might be helpful. He nodded gratefully.

I told him that he, most likely, would meet Christians; did he know what they believed? He said no, so I had the opportunity read over the “Would You Like to Know God Personally?” booklet with him. His English was very good and he said he understood what we read.

However, Ali’s native language is Arabic so I wrote down the address for the Arab version of EveryStudent.com. A Campus Crusade team designed it to address real life issues for University students, pointing them to Jesus.
As I told Ali about this great resource, I thought, how many staff members, sitting in my place, might not know about it?

My friends and I joke that we are evangelistic about good things we find like Jesus, a great deal on a shirt, a well-written book and helpful information. As I get older, I see how I enjoy almost nothing more than connecting people to people, and people to good resources. Everyone benefits from synergy.

By your partnership, you’re helping staff members around the world be more effective in ministry, thus helping the good news of Christ be inescapable for more people like Ali.


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